Larkin’s Scathing Indictment of Dublin Sweaters (1913)

“In the Privy Council Chamber, Dublin Castle, October 2nd, 1913, Sir George Askwith, Sir Thomas R. Ellis, and Mr. J. R. Clynes, M.P., the Commissioners appointed by the Board of Trade to inquire into the circumstances of the Labour Dispute in Dublin, resumed their sittings. There was a large attendance of the general public in addition to the employers’ and employees’ representatives… Mr. William Martin Murphy, in opening for the employers, asked the Commissioners to allow them (the employers) to be represented by Counsel, as they recognised they had not the ability to present their own case… At the conclusion of the employers’ case, the workers’ representatives held a consultation, and decided that Jim Larkin should reply on behalf of the joint organisations, and was allotted two hours to do so. As a matter of .fact, owing to interruptions from Tim Healy and others, the reply took two hours and a-half to deliver. The report which appears in this pamphlet is somewhat abbreviated, and is taken from the capitalist Press, no reporter being present from the Labour Press. That will explain some of the disconnected passages in the speech.
The facts re housing and conditions of the people of Dublin quoted were verified by a Government Commission of Enquiry which took place as a result of the speech. Copies of Government report can be had from Liberty Hall, Dublin.”

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