‘… a villainous and impudent combination…’ (1760)

It having been advertised in the Dublin Courier, that two waiters of good character were wanted by a vintner in this city; now, George Cartridge and John Connolly, two waiters at Mr. Hughes’s at the Rose in Dame Street, apprehending the said Mr. Hughes to be the author of the said advertisement, thereupon not only grossly insulted the said Hughes, but instantly withdrew themselves from his service, and seduced his other waiters along with them and also convened a considerable number of their fraternity, who entered into a villainous and impudent combination against the said Hughes, endeavouring thereby to distress his house and disable him from having the nobility and gentry resorting thither, properly attended. This is therefore to caution the publick of the insolent and dangerous behaviour of said George Cartridge and John Connolly, that all persons may beware of them hereafter.

N.B. George Cartridge is a low fat bendy knee’d crooked legg’d fellow, and John Connolly a tall slim fellow with a down look.

N.B. If any person unwarily induced to join in the above combination, will discover any of this accomplices, he shall receive two guineas reward, to be paid by said Hughes, on conviction of such offenders.’

Dublin Courier, 19 March 1760

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